Bee and Wasp Removal

Pesticide free removal of honeybees and other stinging insects.

  • honey bee removal and relocation
  • bumble bee removal and relocation
  • wasp removal
  • wasp nest removal
  • yellow jacket removal

Wild Bee Company's owner Keith Glatzer offers bee removal and wasp nest removal with absolutely no pesticides. Colonies are precisely located through the use of infrared technology, accessed and taken out by hand. Removal is typically straight forward.

Access to the nest is the biggest variable that effects time, difficulty, and cost. On occasion, a hole must be made in a wall to get to a colony. My 20+ years as a carpenter / contractor give me the experience and skill to remove these insects with the least amount of damage to your home.

In most cases I complete repairs at the time of service, which saves you the cost of clean up and repair following the removal.

Once captured, honeybees and bumble bees are relocated, with their nests, to continue pollinating and gathering nectar. While wasps and hornets are beneficial, these insects are taken out of your home and killed quickly without poison, as finding a place willing to adopt them is difficult.


  • $250 first hour
  • $80 each additional hour, prorated to the quarter hour
  • $80 consultation/inspection without removal
    (this can be deducted from later removal cost)
  • Free removal of honey bee swarms
    (a mass of honey bees found on a tree, the ground, a bush… usually in the Spring)
  • material cost
  • $1 per mile for jobs 20+ miles from Edmonds

Contact: 206-240-7362

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